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The clean sand allows the cement particles to attach and bd which gives you strong concrete comg out of your cement molds. Also get a river sand as the limestone and salt the beach sand will make it softer and allow it to break down quicker.

How to Clean Concrete - Bob Vila

How to Clean Concrete: Beg with the least toxic cleanser and up the ante as needed. Fortunately, you don't need to be delicate, but unfortunately, concrete is porous.

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Sta an Interior Concrete Floor. ... Now it's time to sand the surface. If it's new concrete, ... Then mop the floor with clean water and use a shop vacuum to clean ...

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Fd ideas and spiration for Sand-fished Concrete to add ... Sand fish: Sand fishg gives concrete a lightly ... Pressure-wash your concrete thoroughly every ...

How to Fish Concrete | Family Handyman

Remember to wash off the bristles as soon as you fish broomg. As with all the other fishg steps, the key to a successful broom fish is to wait until the concrete surface is just right. If concrete starts to pile up front of the bristles as you drag the broom across, resmooth the broomed area with a float or trowel and then wait a little longer before tryg aga.