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That beg said…..I plan on dog a 2011 Q1 update to show that even though complete costs are risg, profits are risg even faster. For example, usg my formula Hecla had an crease of a complete cost per ounce of $21.59 for silver Q1 2011 compared to $17.84 2010.


To get a more complete cost of mg silver, I took the net come at end of the year from each mg company and divided it by their total sales. This turns out to be a percent. That percentage figure is subtracted from 100% and then multiplied by the average price of silver 2010…which was $20.16 oz.

2013 FULL YEAR RESULTS: Top Primary Mers Real Cost To ...

Cash Costs do not reflect the actual total cost of mg silver. As we can see, the top 12 primary silver mers as a group lost nearly $1.00 an ounce 2013. I’ve received emails from some of my readers statg that these mg companies deduct Depreciation, Depletion and Amortization which allows them to show a lower net or adjusted come.

2013 Full Year Results: Top Primary Mers Real Cost To ...

When a mg company calculates its cash cost, it takes total production costs and subtracts various items cludg what they call, "By-product credits." All silver mg companies produce additional metals (cluded the ore) such as copper, lead, zc and gold. For example, Endeavour Silver recorded a $7.92 cash cost an ounce 2013.

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List of SILVER mg companies with access to company profiles, projects, resources and reserves and technical analysis.

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Industry Standard for Mg Cost Estimatg ... Development Costs; Natural Gas Costs; View complete Table of ... gold, silver and nickel as reported by London ...

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(Kitco News) - With silver prices trackg lower over the last 18 months, silver mers will need to cut costs as many companies are producg ounces above spot price. In a report from BMO Capital Markets Global Mg Research, they estimate that 2014 all- sustag costs will be $18.11 per silver ounce.

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Previously, the silver and gold mg dustry cited cash costs, which were expenses excludg big capital expenditures, exploration expenses, admistrative and corporate overhead, and the like. Critics who charged that Coeur’s production costs are higher than silver's price tag use “backward-lookg” projections, accordg to Krebs.

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SMELTING SILVER Creative Commons ... complete Ply1 is available as a ten volume set ... "The method of assayg ore used by mg people, differs